3 ways decluttering can help you accept yourself

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

-Joshua Becker

Don’t you think the above lines are quite impactful? No wonder if you want a peaceful, stress free and a more fulfilling life, you need to declutter. Decluttering is nothing else than getting rid of the stuff which is no longer of use. Most of us do not understand the importance of decluttering in our lives. We have the common tendency to pile up things. Deep down in our head we have the hunch that the things which we have stocked up from a long time may not be useful, still we fear to remove them.

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how decluttering can help you to accept yourself

Decluttering has the potential to bring such positive changes in our lives that we could not even imagine. It’s high time we understood the importance of decluttering.   In this blog, three important ways how decluttering helps to accept yourself is discussed. Hope going through this  will expedite the  application of decluttering in  the lives of the readers.

Decluttering head

For any human being, his head is the biggest asset. Here, head refers not to the physical structure rather it is about the mind. Your mind is so powerful that it can make you reach zenith of success. And yes, if your mind is not in your control it can destroy you as well. A serene mind is essential for your overall well-being.

Have you ever realized that right from the morning you wake up till you lie flat on your bed in the night after your tiring day, your mind is never vacant .  It is always flooded with different kinds of thoughts. Even if you want to keep your mind switched off for some time you are unable to do so. Majority of the thoughts which come to our mind are pointless.

For instance…what will happen in future, thinking about the past, thinking what others think of you…and the list is long.  What you need to do is to declutter the mind. Getting rid of all those unnecessary thoughts which can impede your success is nothing but decluttering your head. Strong will power, calmness, clear thought process and steps like making meditation a habit will help in this decluttering process.

Make your brain the powerhouse. The cleaner it will be the better ideas will emerge in it. Eventually you will become a sorted person. The real you, who had been lost due to a cluttered head, will be back. You will be the person, you always longed to become.

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Decluttering the heart

This is especially for those who belong to the ‘emotional’ category. Often we see around us examples of people, due to a past or failed relationship, leading a miserable life. They are simply unable to get rid of those past sentiments and thus they ruin both their present and future. Their heart is filled with unwarranted emotions. These kind of people need to declutter their heart.  Forgetting the past and moving forward is the ultimate mantra for a happy life. Until you accept the reality, and lighten your heart, you will not be able to accept yourself.

Decluttering the home

“Home is where the heart is”. How many of you relate to this? Indeed, many of us. Your home is the one place where you always want to return, no matter where you go.  Such is the importance of it. You feel most relaxed and secure at your home. So, the home deserves the best treatment.

In order to ensure an easy lifestyle we end up piling our home with stuffs we either use once or twice, or we never use. We also store gifts or old things due to the emotions associated with it. But for how long will you be able to do so. One day  things will hoard up which you will not be able to manage. So, stop procrastinating and start decluttering your home. Believe me you will find more space for the real you in your decluttered home.

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