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Digital Marketing Service for Startup

Digital marketing is a new shift in the business world. Undoubtedly, you all know me as a digital marketer, but are you all aware of what I do? These are the digital marketing service for startup we provide.


Advance SEO with latest updates

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. with this process of optimizing the web pages or websites so that its online visibility gets boosted and also gets a higher ranking in search results.

Search engine marketing For yahoo  bing and other search engines.

social-media marketing-services

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing helps you gain new followers and also help bring traffic to your website. 

I manage Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. Done in both organic as well as paid ways. 

Website Development

Take your business online with our dynamic and responsive websites to make your business reach your potential audience. a website with a user panel to update your blogs. 


E-mail Marketing & Automation

we create campaigns that have the largest click-through rate and we specialize in sliding directing into people’s inbox. 

with A/B testing and a team of content writers who make email marketing the most effective tool for marketing. 

Website/Graphic Designing

Get trending designs for your website UI is the most important factor to make your website user-friendly as well as search engine friendly (google). 

me with my team come up with a bunch of great designs that not only are pleasing to the eyes but logical and have higher conversion power

Digital Marketing Traning

Digital Marketing and web development training courses. 

Digital Marketing and web developments are the highest paying skill in the current market & both re interdependent on one another. we promise to train you in both in 3 months and add both the skill to your cv. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Owing to My expertise in Digital Marketing, I will choose the appropriate keywords for every project.
  • Being also a web developer I use the latest tools and techniques to boost your business online.
  • The keywords are selected after intensive research as per the latest trends, the targeted audience, and relevancy.

    •  Custom Marketing plan as per your Business. 

    •  With more than 3 years of Working Experience.

    •  Services at an affordable budget that won’t make a dent in your pocket.

    • An Unlimited amount of tips and advice to help your business reach its ideal stage of growth
    What you get


    Commitments are never broken​


    Trust like you trust yourself

    Auto mode

    Working on auto pilot mode

    Mohini singh Digital Marketer

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