How To Increase Ranking Of SEO In Google 2023

SEO can be very overwhelming at times. You need to pay attention to the basics that will

help you in increasing your SEO ranking. Money cannot buy you a Google rank. A person

can easily improve his position on the search engine results page without making a dent in

his pocket.

Let us first understand what Google ranking is.

Google Ranking

The metrics of Google ranking are designed to sort out web pages to meet the required

search by offering the most useful results in the given period. Domains are ranked through

the algorithmic process of Google that considers various factors to assess the relevancy,

quality, and utility of the result of a query.

Why Is Rank High On Google Important?

It is very beneficial to rank high on Google. A good rank on Google and other search engines

is also easily achievable. The top benefits of ranking high include the following:

  • Reduction in Marketing Costs

Marketing takes time as it builds relationships with customers by providing them with

information related to potential leads. For a digital marketer, marketing involves time and

effort. However, returns are low per lead. Higher rankings in Google reduce the resources

and time required to reach huge leads. High rankings complement one’s marketing efforts.

  • Business Authenticity

Having a high Google rank means the customers interact with the services, products, and

information. From a marketing point, a good and reputable brand attracts acceptance based

on relations with the website visitors.

  • Positive Business Image

High traffic endorses the image of a brand by communicating quality in the content to both

potential and existing clients. A top rank in Google indicates relevance, trustworthiness,

credibility, and utility.

  • Improves User Website Experience

According to a recent study, the top ranking factors are the visits to the website, time on site,

bounce rate, and page per session. All these four factors are related to the user experience

and content of the website. The process is simple. If your website offers authentic

information and is easy to use, your visitors will increase. Visitors will visit more pages. They

will stay longer on your website which will improve your Google rank.

How To Increase Google Rank?

You can adopt the following ways to increase your Google rank.

  • Get backlinks

Backlinks are the links from other websites to yours. Backlinks play a huge role in Google

ranking. Incoming links to the website content from high authority domains show the

authority of your site, increase traffic, and improve the search ranking.

  • Quality Content

Knowing how to write quality website content is the best way to improve your Google search

rank and increase your traffic. Relevant content on your website is more important for

Google ranking than page experience. You should make sure your website content is

keyword-rich, mistake-free, mobile-optimized, and written to address the needs of your

target customers. The content should include links to internal and external content.

  • Fix All The Broken Links

Having quality backlinks on your website is the best way to increase your traffic. This would

also establish the authority of your website. Backlinks that bring up a 404 error can destroy

your user experience and search rank. Use tools like Dead Link Checker and Broken Link

Checker to find broken links.

  • Improve Page Speed

Load time is the key measurement in the core visuals upgrade of Google. It is a good idea to

learn ways of improving website speed. This will boost your search rank and also provide an

amazing user experience.

  • H1 And H2 HeaderTags 

Headers make your content easier and more readable to understand. There is a correlation

between header tags and Google rank. Header tags are a great way to show the structure of

your website’s content and emphasize the important key points.

  • Optimise Images

Optimizing images is important to boost the speed of your website. This makes it easier for

Google to identify all the images on your web page. Make sure the images of your website

are compressed, include alt text, and have descriptive filenames.

  • Target Specific Keywords

You should know what you want to rank for. You would want to rank for topics that your

customers are plugging into the search box. These are known as keywords. You will require

keyword research tools to make a list of keywords suitable for your website to rank high.

The factors which are involved in identifying the best keyword for ranking on Google include:

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 How many times in a month the keyword is searched?


Competition: How difficult or easy it is to rank for a particular keyword.

Domain Authority: Domain authority affects the way you rank for keywords. If you are

regular on your website and if you have been publishing quality content, your website will

rank high

.Relevance: You should find relevant keywords that would bring the required traffic to your


  • On-PageSearch Engine Optimization

You can use the following on-page SEO tips to rank the highest on Google ranking. This will

help you to build authority and meet your conversion goals and traffic.

Placement Of Keywords: Make sure your targeted keyword is in your meta description,

meta title, two H2s, URL, image alt text, and the body of your page.

Linking: Add links to your page from other pages on your website.

Meta Descriptions: Use around 150 characters to write your meta description.

Final Words

These are a few methods for improving your SEO ranking on Google. Read our blogs to

learn more about SEO. You can also get help from Mohini Singh to improve your rank on

Google. This will be a decision which you won’t regret


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