What Amount Does A Digital Marketing Agency Charge In India

Digital marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a range of strategies for promoting a brand online. Some
elements of digital marketing include PPC (Pay-Per-Click), social media marketing, SEO
(Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, social media marketing, and email

Mohinisingh is a digital marketing company in India that provides digital marketing services for
making businesses successful online.
Our digital marketing company provides affordable digital marketing services in India. We cater
to the demand of all kinds of businesses whether big or small. The digital marketing services
cost varies greatly and is dependent upon several factors.
If the goals of your company are not complex, the digital marketing company will charge less.
However, if the goals of your company are complex and more effort is involved, the digital
marketing services will be expensive.

Digital Marketing Services Cost

If you are in the online world, you might be aware of the opportunities online marketing provides.
Online marketing involves various services like SMO, SEO, PPC, etc. Some marketing services
and their costs involved in India have been mentioned below.

SearchEngine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a skill in digital marketing to get organic leads on your website. It can happen when the
ranking of your website is good on Google. Search Engine optimization is an important part of
the digital marketing strategy because it involves keyword research. If you are searching for an
SEO company to increase the traffic of your website, the digital marketing pricing charges in
India would be around 12000 to 35000 per month.

● Social Media Marketing

An SEOstrategy is based on the kinds of keywords you want to specifically target. SEO
charges for digital marketing can be calculated easily in India. If the targeted keywords are more
complex and more in number, the pricing will be higher because SEO packages are dependent
on the number of keywords targeted.

● PayPerClick

Google ads are one of the best marketing techniques to advertise your business online to the
targeted customers and collect genuine leads from there. Many businesses run online
campaigns to reach the targeted audiences. The digital marketing packages in India for
pay-per-click vary. PPC helps to attract targeted audiences through Facebook ads and Google
ads to get instant business results.

● Location

Location is also a factor that can be considered to evaluate the cost of digital marketing
services. If a person wants to expand his business at a local level, the cost of digital marketing
services would be low. On the other hand, if a person wants to expand his business to an
international or national level, the cost of digital marketing services would be high.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of The Digital Marketing Companies In India?

Businesses hire digital marketing companies that look after marketing activities. These agencies
have their respective pricing structure regarding the marketing services they offer. You can find
affordable to costly digital marketing packages depending on the goals and objectives of your

Digital marketing companies work hard to increase the visibility of your brand. They help in lead
generation. You can get quality services at affordable prices if you trust a reputed digital
marketing company like Mohinisingh. Many factors affect digital marketing pricing structure.
Given the size of your business and the scale of your company’s project, the cost of digital
marketing services varies from rupees 20,000 to 1,00,000 per year.

Pricing Models Of Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing services are generally offered by digital agencies, freelancers, and
consultants. The marketing cost depends on the pricing model decided between the beneficiary
and the service provider. There are various digital marketing pricing models:

Hourly Digital Marketing Packages

This model works well when working with freelancers and consultants. In this case, the
customers are required to pay hourly charges to the freelancer. Some companies charge on an
hourly basis for short-term campaigns.

Project-Based Packages

In this model, the project cost estimation is done which has a stepwise payment structure. The
customers pay 25% during the commencement of the project and the remaining amount in
various stages. The actual cost depends on the scope of the project, budget availability, and the
goals of the campaign.

Monthly Digital Packages

In this pricing model of a digital marketing company, your business pays a monthly retainer
charge to keep the efforts of the digital marketing company ongoing. This is the most commonly
adopted pricing model of digital marketing. This model works well if you want to maintain a
reputable image of your business in the online world.

Digital Marketing Cost

In general, the digital marketing cost ranges between 3 lakh and 70 lakh annually. Businesses
can shell out 5000 to 15000 on an hourly basis. Monthly, the cost of digital marketing stands
between 18 lakh and 70 lakh. However, in project-based costing, it is between 3 lakh to 40 lakh


Thus, the digital marketing packages are based on SEO, PPC ads, SMO, and the landing pages
required for the digital marketing client. You can contact us to calculate your digital marketing
This blog would be helpful for you to gain knowledge about digital marketing costs and online
marketing services. Hire affordable digital marketing services like ours by keeping the prices in

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