6 Ways Google AdSense Can Help You Make Money, Read Now

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Money making is certainly not a difficult task now, especially when online mechanisms surround the present work culture. Coronavirus has affected people in the most irreparable ways. From physical and emotional traumas to financial instability, the virus has robbed people of a lot. Let’s see what Google AdSense is, and how you can make money through it!

While the world is still coping with the effects of a deadly pandemic, there is a ray of hope that might help you with some income on the go.

Work from home has been a hot topic in the global lockdowns, but no one can deny that this new normal has given us ways to explore more.

Today as I talk specifically about the new money-making ways, let me take you through what can help you making money from Google AdSense.


What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program by Google using which website publishers can make money on different types of content. Be it blogs, website content or Youtube videos, you can use Google AdSense on almost all sorts of content. The advertisers get the ads run on Google, and they generate revenues on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Clients pay as they advertise through Google AdSense on any site or channel.


Working of Google AdSense

To start with, Google approves the website on which advertisements will run. If the website complies with the policies of AdSense, Google approves it as per the metrics. Once the website gets approved, an advertiser can choose the type of ads and can arrange for these ads. Further, the publishers can choose the space given for advertisements.

While Google doesn’t disclose the metrics used for approving the websites, it can be inferred that ad relevancy and experience of the landing page are the criteria.


How to Make Money with AdSense?

Generally, Google charges advertisers per ad click. The commission received is different for different advertisers. Most of the niches get below $3 per click. However, there are profitable niches that can bring more than the standard rate. Although there is no rocket science attached to Google AdSense, people often wonder how they earn money on Google AdSense. The most crucial factor for Google AdSense is traffic on the website, and traffic depends on factors like quality content, promotion of the content, etc. In addition, certain other factors influence the amount of money that AdSense pay advertisers. Some of these factors are:

  • The amount of competition in the niche
  • The type of traffic
  • The kind of content available on the website
  • The position of AdSense ads

While many other factors influence the payment procedure of Google AdSense, a proper strategy will help in making more money through the platform. Given below are some suggestions that will help you in increasing the revenue generation from Google AdSense.


1 Adhering with AdSense Guidelines

Anything that is against the rules of the platform will not help in generating revenue. One should follow all the AdSense policies. Some of the actions that can violate the guidelines involve buying traffic, showing only ads instead of content, etc.


2 Publish Content More Often

Publishing content at fixed intervals will help in generating more engagement with the content. Thus, there will be more visits to the website leading to more ad clicks and more revenue.


3 Using Standard Advertisement Sizes

It is significant to set up the advertisements in recommended dimensions. Using any other ad size may lead to low revenue rates because of less demand.


4 Find AdSense Referrers

Using the combination of Google Analytics and AdSense can help you understanding which referrers are majorly generating revenue for the website. In this way, one can understand money comes from which type of referrals.


5 Exclude other ad Networks

If you want more revenue from AdSense, use only Google AdSense and remove other ad networks. It will help in giving more visibility to the AdSense ads. People often consider more ads equal to more revenue but sticking to 3 ads (generally) per page is more than enough.


6 Use Responsive Ad Units

Several online reports have suggested that using more responsive units gives more revenue than the non-responsive ones.


These tips can help in generating more revenues from AdSense. Summing up this all, you can generate pretty good money with AdSense, but only if you focus on a long term strategy. It is not a rich-quick bait. One needs to invest time and effort while strategizing it as a passive income source. Do try these tips and let Google AdSense generate some money for you!





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