Top 2 Google Updates that Create Impact on Google Rankings

Google core update

Google core update is one of the extensively popular search engines used by millions of users. It posses more than 20 years of history and more than two trillion searches every year. Therefore it continually updates its algorithm to improve the user’s experience.

So, what are the updates that google implements to efficient work and serve the needs of the users? 

What is Google Core Update?

Google Core Updates are the vital and intense updates google makes to modify the working of its search engine and system. Google constantly updates its system to improve the search experience, highlighting relevant search details, keywords, and quality content to the users. A minor update, which is more common, may affect 0.5% of all searches, while major updates may affect 5 to 10% of all searches.

Each Google update scatters the formula of Google ranking of web pages. The websites that rank high on specific targeted keywords may crash down after a core update. Similarly, the lower-ranking website may touch the top of the ranking list after a major update.

Impact of Core Update on SEO 

The hidden secret of SEO is optimizing your website according to the guidelines of Google to rank on top of the search list. However, a major change in Google’s algorithm may nullify top websites’ SEO strategies. Therefore, updates have a major part to play in the SEO game.

Are you wondering what are the top 2 Google updates that create an impact on Google ranking? Let’s dive in to explore this topic.

Top 2 Google Updates affecting Website Ranking are as follows – 

Panda Update 

 Panda is one of the significant Google updates that smashed the ranking of top-notch websites. Google highlight the Panda update as a search filter, implemented to stop websites or webpages with plagiarized, duplicate or thin content, or the sites with irrelevant keyword stuffing, or user-generated spam, to top the Google ranking search list. It was mainly designed to remove the following issues that spoil the search experience of the users – 

Thin Content – Webpages with low-quality content, less irrelevant or text resources, and unnecessary keyword stuffing, were highly analyzed and removed from the Google ranking list.

Lack of trustworthiness – The update removed the webpages amalgamating coherent from untruthful or unverified sources.

 High Ads to Content Ratio – The update greatly impacted the pages with mostly paid advertisements rather than having quality content to serve the users.

Poor Content filled with Affiliate Links –  The websites jammed with affiliate links and lack quality content were majorly affected by the update.

Penguin Update 

Penguin is another significant Google update that has shaken the roots of search list toppers. The updates were channelized to decrease the ranking of the websites that disobeyed the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by utilizing the black-hat SEO methodology to unnaturally uplift the search engine ranking. Penguin manipulated approximately 5% of overall search queries, which removed irrelevant or spammy links or highly optimized anchor text links. Penguin was the must needed update of Google to eradicate websites with artificial backlinks, which ranked them on the top. This update only handles the incoming links of Google, i.e., it primarily deals with spamdexing. Google only deals with the links pointing to the website and overlooks the links outgoing from that site.

The updates are an efficient component of Google’s ranking algorithm. The sole objective of Google to frame the strategic launch of the updates like Panda and Penguin is the generate quality content and rank the websites which the best content to present an efficient search-output mechanism to the users. Therefore, to rank at the top of the search list, websites’ strategies must be framed as per the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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