Google search: A Beginner’s Guide

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How Does Google Algorithm Work?

Google search engine is often a one-stop solution for most of our web issues. You might have wondered how simply you search in Google and found pages relevant to your question. Some pages get top ranks and come instantly and others lag behind. This is not as simple as you think. 

Post search: Google Starts it Process even before you make your first search

Getting a top rank in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) can make many wonders. Google uses google spiders or crawlers – which are automated programs to rank a webpage. 

According to an assessment by digital experts, it is been considered that Google has the highest popularity because it uses the best way to rank a page. 

 Google uses its trademarked algorithm called PageMaker. It was discovered by the creator of Google itself Larry Page. This Google algorithm gives each website a relevancy score.

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How does the spider work:

The search engine spider Crawles the website to create indexes of Queries made by you. 

Once the scanning and categorization are accomplished, the spider crawls from one link to another to create a comprehensive and robust search engine index. 

Then Performs a Quality check based on more than 200+ given details about the dos and don’ts of SEO.

How does the Page rank work:

  • Google algorithm uses an on-page metric (the URL) and the off-page metric (the backlink) for this.
  • When you search something, for example – “Google headquarters”, the algorithm will first weigh the pages against this search.
  • Google checks the keywords in the URL and applies a weighting according to it.
  • Then Google sees the backlink if the keywords do not appear in the URL.
  • Google ranks the pages and displays them to you.
  • Importance of keywords in Google Algorithm:

Keywords are the heart of the page ranking algorithm. These keywords are used to describe the page in short. The web spider uses these keywords to make the index. Then the Google algorithm uses those keywords to determine their ranks and visibility. Hence proper keywords are important. 

Google has an immense impact on the web. therefore. getting ranked in the top list is the first and foremost priority for every webmaster. 

In the era of digitization, to follow the Google algorithm is something which is absolutely inevitable. The Google search engine is very popular. There are different types of websites for each and every purpose. Everyone wants a better rank for their website. This is indeed a very crucial facet for SEO. SEO specialist tries its best to finds the keywords that are favorable by the Google algorithm.

PS. Keep an eye out for every latest Google update but don’t rush things.

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