Amazon Ecommerce Guide – Tips for Beginners

Amazone ecommerce guide

Here is Amazon E-commerce Guide for beginners.  Follow the procedure, described below.

1) Register As An Amazon Seller

Registering an amazon account is the primary step. The documents required are –

  1. PAN Card
  2. GSTIN Number (required to sell on Amazon).
  3. Bank account and supporting KYC documents such as ID Proof, Address Proof and Cancelled Cheque
  4. Trademark/ Brand undertaking or authorization is required for private label brands.

2) Do Product Research


It is best to research products that are easily sold and have a high turnover rate. Amazon offers this feature to help you determine which products are selling quickly through its sales rank. Any rank above 50 is considered good, and you can choose that product. It is crucial to research the best product category for you when you start trading. If you need any type of help in researching, you can contact  your Amazon E-commerce Guide, freelance seo expert in delhi.


3) Get Supplier


  1. You can contact malls to find out if products are available in bundles or at a very low price. These products can be purchased at a very low price and sold at the printed price, or with a slightly lower discount.
  2. Get in touch with wholesale distributors to establish a long-term relationship and negotiate special pricing.
  3. You can create your own products, such as spice mixes, herbal formulations and handicraft items. The biggest hurdle in selling products on Amazon is knowing the details of Amazon seller fees for handmade products.
  4. Get in touch locally with small-scale manufacturers to source products.


4) Make List of Your Products


After creating an account, you can set up a product listing. You can either create a product listing for each item, or add items to an existing one. Search for similar products to yours in the seller central dashboard and you’ll find the listing. After adding your product, you can add it to the list by entering your price and terms.

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5) Create Shipping Plan


Amazon Prime can also be selected, but you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements and you may be required to select fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

6) Calculating Profits And Costs Of Products On Amazon


Get the Amazon seller app. It can be used to calculate the selling price, scan a barcode for products, and show pricing and fees information for any item.

You can also use the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator to see details about fees. The fees you are required to pay can be entered as follows: price, shipping cost, and product cost. It is applicable to every product you sell on Amazon.

7) Checking Eligibility Criteria To Sell On Amazon


Do you ever think, “I want to sell on Amazon, but do I meet the eligibility requirements?” You must meet the eligibility criteria in the seller app. The seller app will show you the eligibility criteria. This allows you to determine if the product you want to sell will generate the desired sales. The calculator allows you to choose a price that is comparable to what other sellers are selling.

You can either sell to Amazon directly or to Amazon. The Amazon platform is incredible once you learn about it.




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