Keyword Research for Ecommerce – Beginners Guide

Keyword research

Are you new to the world of E-commerce or online marketing? Then I hope you have heard about search engine optimization(SEO). As the whole traffic comes from a string of text typed into the search box, search engine optimization can be key to success for your business. SEO has many tactics, but the main principle is you are helping Google and other search engines to understand better about your eCommerce business and what is it about and the selling products. By doing that in return, it will increase the chance search engines will list the site in search results when customers are looking for the products you are selling. SEO freelancer Delhi can help you to choose Keyword Research for eCommerce and generating more traffic and leads to your online store.

Why Keyword Research is So Important 

Whenever someone does a search, the search engine decides which results from it will show from hundreds of thousands of pages. It completely depends on the search engine algorithm to provide the best and most relevant matches for every single search. That’s why it’s most important to choose the keyword very carefully so that search engine can match and display your preferred site in the search results.

Understanding the Keywords

Before doing keyword research for your online store, there are some basic terms you should know first.

These terms include:

Keywords: A keyword is a particular word or phrase which describes the content of a web page or site. Keywords are the main parts of a web page’s meta data that helps search engines to match a page at an appropriate search query.

Longtail Keywords: Longtail keywords are simply keywords that contain 3-4 or more words. Long-tail keywords are important as they appear up to 70% of all searches done in search engines by a report from Moz. 

Search Volume(Average Monthly Searches): Search volume is mainly measured in average monthly searches. It’s the number of searches per month for a particular search phrase or keyword. Mainly people look for high search volume keywords. Ranking highly on those high search volume Keyword Research for Ecommerce will definitely increase both traffic and sales.   


The most important matter is that after completing your keyword research and implementing the keywords in your website, Google and other search engines will better understand your products and business – what it’s all about.

Remember that SEO and keyword research is an ongoing process. It takes time and patience to make understand search engines about your business/products. And SEO changes over time, also the search terms your customer will use will be changes. So you need to be updated with your keyword research to get more potential customers. If you are still confused, then meet the best SEO freelancer Delhi who will guide you in every aspect to get more potential customers for your business.


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