How it Feels Running a Digital Marketing Agency

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How it feels running a digital marketing agency vs the reality of the agency life.

  1. Its a piece of cake.
  2. You get a lot of free time to do other stuff.
  3. You can work anytime and anywhere you want.
  4. You are the BOSS.
  5. You get super rich super soon.
  6. Clients come running to you.
  7. The team is there, just spread your arms to reach them.
  8. Anyone can do it.
  9. You don’t need to know marketing to start.
  10. It’s the easiest business to start and anyone can do that.

No that’s not the whole truth, not even close to the reality. But Believe me, it’s just been months I’ve started and already I have

  • Dark circles that are visible from the moon.
  • People yelling at me.
  • I’m yelling at people.
  • My phones on a constant buzz.
  • Half the time spent is either on creating or reading reports.
  • The point of sending an email is quite useless as you will be repeating on calls and text too?
  • Those 4’ps are still f***ing working
  • Google tests your patience every other day it’s like it has been 49 hours without an update lets do one now.

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The reality of the Digital Marketing Agency is just the different side of the coin

digital marketing agency services

  • Running an agency is just like taking a walk in the park (as in Jurassic Park).
  • The Reality of Being an owner in the starting is just like the ping pong ball going from clients and team, back and forth non stop till someone drops you.
  • You start questioning whether this was a good decision.
  • You are responsible for a lot of things. Someone’s business and someone bread and butter too.
  • You are only as Good as your Team is.
  • Finding a good team is a skill and its damn hard.
  • The money is there but only to see as you need those bills to be paid, those salary backups, tools are not cheap.
  • It’s just like a relationship all fun at the start but it gets pretty risky and hard to handle.

There are few benefits too

  • That brand is in making.
  • Helping people achieve there business goals which gives you a sense of happiness and you sleep like a baby knowing you are doing a good job.
  • You need some great people with so much to learn from.
  • The network game grows stronger and better.
  • The money will start to make a roll.
  • Your brand starts to grow.
  • You gain a lot of perspectives.

To sum up my overall experience “it hasn’t been my day, or week or month or even my year” but I don’t think 2020 is giving anyone a good time. I’m happy with whatever I’ve achieved so far yet I know I’ve got mountains to climb.

The best thing is that I’ve found some gems in my team that get me going.

So here comes the Sales Pitch if you’ve liked what you read or what I do share this content to more people and if you don’t like, DM and let me know.

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21 thoughts on “How it Feels Running a Digital Marketing Agency”

  1. This is so true man! All businesses that people do or even jobs demand so much time and energy and sometimes even “khoon paseena” XD.
    I can totally relate to you!

  2. “Patience is the key to success” specially in SEO. It’s not an easy task to be accountable for everything but freelancing brings the best in you.Hard work pays off👍

  3. Reading this reminds me of a dialogue from jurassic park 2. I’ll BE saying it in hindi (poof)
    “Haan, shuruat aise hi hoti he. Baad me.bas bhagna dorhna aur cheekhna chillana.” But we all know eventually it’ll be a happy ending.

  4. This was an insightful read, although there are difficulties and challanges while starting something new but you have till now survived all your bad days and still growing.

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