The New Instagram Reels Is All About Brand Growth, Don’t Miss These Growth Hacks With Reels!

instagram reels

Instagram seems like one big community that connect people, brands, celebs, content creators to millions of followers. While the platform has gained much fame in recent times, new features, filters, have made an impact on how brands can reach more and more customers. In my other blog, I talked about How you can make an impact through Instagram stories, and today I am here to talk about the latest Instagram feature- ‘Instagram Reels.’

Instagram Reels has rolled out in more than 50 countries, and it’s already the talk of the town, after all, the feature allows users to record 15 seconds video with music audio!

Well, brands and content creators are already using this cool feature to build their audience with some engaging videos. If you are also waiting to multiply your brand’s growth, then read on!

new instagram reels


Instagram’s new update, Reels, is all about winning!

On one front, where this feature provides the missing Tik-Tok traits, it also offers something that Instagram never had. Apart from this, viral Instagram Reels also have the chance to stand different on the Explore tab. In a nutshell, Instagram’s new update is all things growth for the brands out there!

Already, many Reels have got more than 5 million+ views. So, here I present to you with some growth hacks using this new update.


  • Instagram Reels is about video content, but as I say, quality over quantity. Here, the quality of your video content should be top-notch.
  • If you see many content creators are using Reels, but the idea of each Instagram Reels is different from others. Something unique is the simple tip!
  • With quality Reels, as your video views increase, there are high chances that there will be a similar increase in the number of followers.
  • Try to use Instagram Reels for fun bite-sized content, for quick tutorials, short personal experiences with high-quality graphics.
  • With Instagram Reels, try to choose audio content as in Tik-Tok!
  • Also, don’t forget your target audience. Create engaging content keeping in mind what the audience wants from you.
  • Brands like Louis Vuitton have used Instagram Reels to launch their new product range. Similarly, FastandFood has also taken complete advantage of this new feature as they share quick bites of food content using Instagram Reels. Now, who doesn’t love to see the lip-smacking food videos!
  • The main idea is to see what your viewers would like to see through those quick snippets.
  • For the fashion content, you can use ideas like all red western dresses in a video with a trending song or audio.
  • You can also take inspiration from your favorite brands and can create Reels using them.
  • Using Instagram stickers with Reels is a winning game.
  • Use Instagram Reels to create unique, fun content.
  • The significant merit with this is users can see the viral Reels content separately, which enables you to reach new demography of viewers altogether.
  • For some inspiration, you should check out Instagram Reels from Balmain, Masoom Minawala (content creator), FastandFood.

*Pro Tip: If you are completely new to this, then you can repurpose video content from other platforms like Tik-Tok or Stories.

Do share your feedback on Instagram Reels and how you are going to use them!

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