You Can’t-Miss These Instagram SEO Techniques For Increasing Reach, Check This Now!

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Instagram SEO Techniques: Are you an Instagram buff? Well, if you are a digital marketer, then Instagram and you can end up making the best collaboration ever. While Instagram is all about posting videos and pictures for the general people, it is only a digital marketer who knows the real power of this platform. 

Instagram SEO Techniques

learn instagram seo techniques

Imagine the vast pool of opportunities you can generate with over a billion active monthly users of Instagram! With this much user strength, I am sure you will be excited to know the prospects of increasing consumer reach. 

Without wasting any of your time, Let’s read about some surprising SEO techniques that help in expanding Instagram reach. Scroll down to know more!

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Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Now, this should be your initial step towards increasing your Instagram reach. The optimization of the Instagram profile is a must for a better user experience in the long run. Turning your profile public, creating a searchable username, including a trackable link, are some of the many ways in which one can optimize their Instagram profiles. 

Use Of Primary And Secondary Keywords

Well, you might don’t know, but Instagram is its self-contained search engine. Therefore, the use of primary and secondary is of utmost importance to increase engagement and reach. Let’s talk about how you can use the keywords for better reach. 

  • One should use the primary keyword in their Instagram username to show up at the top of searches. The use of such keywords in display name and username, both can increase the chances of expanding Instagram reach. 
  • Secondary keywords, those that orbit around primary ones, are significant in attracting the could-be interested customers. The use of these keywords in your Instagram profile is an easy way to grow Instagram reach. 

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Make The Most Of Instagram Alt Text

Alt Text is comparatively a new feature on Instagram, which helps in writing captions for Instagram posts and in SEO. Choosing an alt text for your posts can help in the better ranking of posts with other benefits that lead to more reach among customers. 

Running Giveaways And Contests

Be it the Instagram reach, engagement, or brand awareness one can’t deny the fact that giveaways and contests are all about driving some Instagram growth. People participate in giveaways and contests, sometimes they share your posts, comment, tag their friends, or whatever the rules of the giveaways ask them to do, all of this helps in increasing reach.

Undoubtedly, running these giveaways not only speaks about the brand’s products but also increase engagement and reach on your Instagram profile. 

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Increasing Visibility: Using Right Hashtags

As said earlier, the use of keywords and hashtags is a game-changer on Instagram, which can expand your consumer network. To make your content searchable, you can create a hashtag of your own, but be careful to use only the relevant ones. Remember, hashtags aren’t only about being trendy or fashionable, but they have a real purpose.

So, support your hashtag by using a mix of other hashtags. Use your hashtags the same way you use keywords, and you will get a rise in reach. 

Tracking With Analytics

While Instagram has its analytics feature, it may not help you in the long run. With social media tools like Sprinklr and Hootsuite, one can avail data analytic tracking services, automated reports, and more. Tracking your strategies through analytics will help you to improve your content leading to better engagement and reach. 

With all these SEO techniques, I am sure you will get the desired results. Do use them and share your feedback with me. Till then, keep up with the marketer in you! 

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