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Traditional vs digital marketing

 Let’s learn what Traditional vs. Digital marketing is actually is. 

Its year 2020; I can be all mean and just willing to forget this year all tougher, but since i can’t do that ill pretend im okay. We gotta do what we gotta do. 

Today we are going to discuss traditional vs. digital marketing & how to blend them and make it work for us. Today, we will focus on the different these both approaches have. 

 Let’s get to know each one.

Traditional marketing 

  • Traditional Marketing is one we have been following from ages and has proven to be at benefits to business today. (use of newspaper, television, radios) 
  • Also, we live in a world where things change every second, so does marketing have to cope up with this ever-changing environment.
  • Then comes Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing, serving the internet generation. The millennials
  • fun fact mellennials are people born between born between 1981 and 1996
Traditional marketing

Digital / Internet Marketing 

  • Because modern problem requires modern solutions. 
  • Digital Marketing = advertising over the internet 
  • *as today more than 40% of the world’s total Population in on the internet.
  • So more people meaning more advertising.
  • So lets clear our basis on which we will be comparing are, 
  • time, audience, cost, feedback, and access.
PS. a pdf of the comparison is available for you to download 
  • Digital Marketing hands down the best to invest in your business right now.
  • It is cost-effective as we can customize the budget according to our goals, and we can decide that if we want to spend 5 rs or r lack, it is up to you.
  • we can choose the target audience accordingly Eg. People age between 17-24 who are interested in learning digital marketing. 
Digital marketing

Digital Marketing 

  • Time-saving as we can make an entire digital ad very less time and publish it at the same time,
  • The best part is that we get instant feedback from our advertisements.
  • How many people have seen it, how much negative or positive is the ad copy, how many clicks or any activity happening with the link(ad).
  • As nearly half the world is now on the internet and at this time (our best aid too).
  •  So the ads can be shown to a large number of people in very less time and at a minimum cost.
  • But let’s not think it’s all right; we can seel fresh air in can’s or ladybugs packed to your house to “anything and everything can be sold over the internet.”
  •  Social media, search engines, and websites have replaced the traditional radio, tv, and newspapers. 
Traditional marketing

Now let’s talk about traditional marketing. 

  • We have a few advantages of traditional marketing too. I want to explain a bit of them also before we carry on with our comparison. 
  • First of all, we all are familiar with the ways of advertising and find it easy to digest and have an understanding of it. 
  • We have a proven study that shows us that hard copies are more comfortable to process and recall
  • *then we can have the material for recycling or reuse*
  • Also, Traditional Marketing has a better local reach then compared to digital. and we have high trust in those brands that we see every day almost everywhere. 
  • e.g., metros covered with those ads all over 
Digital marketing

Now let’s get back to our traditional marketing vs. digital marketing. 

  • Traditional marketing takes more time to reach the public and we never actually get to know the actual output/ result of the ad.
  • It is almost out  too everyone, not knowing whether it hit the target audience or not as we can never accurately predict who is behind those television sets, radios, or newspapers. 
  • It’s also insane that feedback is way big of a problem here and as it took too much time to come back or never really make it.
  •  And it is way more costly as just printing a single copy in an only newspaper at a single time cost’s way more than doing it online. 
  • It is mostly accessible to all but at a relatively high cost


  • Both of them have there pro’s and cons. 
  • But digital marketing prevails in most area’s and is pocket friendly at this time. 
  • When the business around the globe is mostly affected by this pandemic. 
  • So if you have any queries related to any of the digital marketing problems, you are free to fill the comment section i won’t mind.

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