30 Best SEO Friendly Blogger Template | SEO Optimised Blogger Templates List

seo friendly blogger template

SEO Friendly Blogger Template: -You must be aware of this term if you are someone who in one way or the other related to digital marketing. But for a novice, first, it is important to know the term. In most simple words, if we try to understand, SEO Friendly Blogger Template is a pre-optimized template for your blog which helps you to promote your SEO on the blogger platform.

Purpose of SEO

Well, we can say that SEO is the technique of getting a higher ranking for pages in search engines like google, etc.  When people seek content online, they mainly use the tool of search. In such a scenario, for increasing the traffic to your website, achieving a higher ranking in search engines is mandatory. And, SEO exactly does the same, it aims at diverting the traffic to your website.

Search Indian optimization helps in improving the visibility of the website. Search engine optimization helps to attract more customers to your products and services. When a website has more visibility the brand captures business. The visibility of any website is measured by the ranking of the placements of the search engine result pages.

It is impossible to manipulate search algorithms but there is a way to maximize the results. Businesses look for ideal results with very less effort but search engine optimization requires time and a lot of action. When search engine optimization is deployed consistently, the people who do it outrank the competition.

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Best SEO Optimised Blogger Templates

Let us come to Blogger Template now. SEO optimized blogger templates blogger Template is basically a layout or theme which defines how your blog will look like. If you want to reach out to millions of people across the globe with your views, ideas, or opinions, you need an SEO friendly blogger template, for getting your blog published.

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You get a vast range of SEO friendly blogger template which are available online. Many of them are free of cost also. If you are interested you can even learn how to make SEO friendly blogger template with a little effort. If you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, you may find the process of making the best seo friendly blogger template easier. Blogger Templates can also be customized to serve your specific needs.

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Adsense responsive blogger template

SEO Friendly blogger template also helps in getting Adsense approval from google. Google Adsense is very particular about approving the adsense accounts on a blog or website. Google will approve the application for showing advertisements on your website only if your site or blog is SEO friendly.  The user interface of your site is important. It is well-known that for making money Adsense approval is necessary. SEO Friendly Blogger template and adsense responsive blogger template makes way for quick Adsense approval.

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List of some SEO friendly blogger template

best seo optimised blogger templates

So enough with intro and details, here we go with our list of best seo friendly blogger templates.


Simple Grid


Smooth Grid

Sora Ribbon

Simpleon Blogger Template

Newspro Free Blogger Template

Masy Blogger Template

Blackster Blogger Template

Blog Coupon Blogger Template

Alva Blogger Template

Fastest Blogger Template

Lyricist Blogger Template

Clean Magazine Blogger Template

Elegantes Blogger Template

Writeup Personal Magazine Blogger Template

Sora Viral Blogger Template

BMAG-Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

Optima Blogger Template

Raptor Blogging Template

FoodUp Blogger Theme



Ideas Mag Blogger Template


New SEO Blogger Template


Need Mag Blogger Template

Palki 2 Blogger Template

Ampere Blogger Template

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On a conclusive note, it can be said that SEO friendly blogging templates are something to which you must pay proper attention. This is because it is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. Choose these templates judiciously and give your blog or site the much required online boost.

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